Time to try working somewhere different?

We're a community of over 200 people who have the freedom to choose where we work.
We choose to spend part of our week at our shared work and social space in North Laine.
You are very welcome to join us.

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"I felt so isolated working from home I almost called it quits and returned to traditional employment..."

That's a quote from one of our members - we hear it far too often.

You want to find the perfect balance of getting stuff done and enjoying Brighton at its best. Focused, productive time and relaxed, social time. Growing your business and gaining a real sense of community.

But it feels impossible...

  • "I always get dragged in to household chores."
  • "I'm going crazy with only the cat to talk to!"
  • "My back's killing me after a day at a coffee shop table."
  • "The WiFi connection always plays up at the worst possible moments."
  • "I'm isolated from professionals like me."
  • "Everyone I live with is bored of me talking about work."
  • "I feel like an outsider in Brighton."
  • "Why don't I feel the sense of community everyone talks about?"

You're struggling to find the work-life balance Brighton is renowned for. But worst of all you're lonely. You're in one of the most densly populated cities in the world. Yet you can go days at a time without having a proper conversation with another human being.

You always manage to take some quality time with friends and family before things get really bad. But they all have traditional jobs. They're surrounded with work colleagues most days. How will they ever understand what you're feeling?

What if your time with friends and family was more focused on them and their needs?

Lunch wide

"...The Skiff isn't just a workplace for me, it's also a community and a second home!"

How much better would you feel if you had an office on your doorstep, filled with people who really understand you and your work?


  • There wouldn't be any household chores to distract you.
  • You'd always have someone to chat with when you need a break from your screen.
  • You'd have a proper desk to spread your work out on.
  • Your Internet connection would be the rock solid kind that only big businesses can afford.
  • Every week you'd learn something new without travelling to a conference or paying for a workshop.
  • You'd have a direct line to professionals whoes opinions you respect.
  • You'd have your own clubhouse to welcome others into.
  • Your business grows as a result of the community you have around you.

And, since we're dreaming, what if you didn't have to give up any of the freedoms you currently have. No scary multi-month commercial property contracts, no need to take on the huge responsibility of employing someone and no rules and policies that make you feel like you're back at school. A space you can call your own and a community you can participate in as much as you need to.

What if your office was a place you looked forward to going to?

Engine room wide

"If you find yourself endlessly procrastinating at home or debating deadlines with your dog, check out The Skiff"

We started our business working from home ourselves. And we caught all kinds of cabin fever.

That's why, when we took on an office of our own in 2007, we opened it up for others to escape the isolation of working from home. 18 months and one office move later we realised it wasn't our office any more, it was our community's.

When you join The Skiff to escape the isolation of working from home, you get the benefit joining a community of over 200 like minded individuals. They include freelancers, consultants, micro-business owners, remote workers, accountants, artists, designers, developers, engineers, illustrators, journalists, marketers, masseuses, photographers, musicians, scientists, writers, videographers and more. You'll fit right in.

Together we share an ambition to:

Make working independently in Brighton better than employment anywhere.

Skiff collage

... in addition to sharing a workspace with all the facilities you've to come to expect of a modern office:

  • A choice of 5 different areas to match your mood.
  • Large desks you can spread your work out on.
  • Comfy chairs you can spend a day working from.
  • Standing desks when you need to change position.
  • 3 meeting rooms with room for 2 to 30 people.
  • Evening and weekend event space for upto 100 people.
  • Enterprise grade boardband and WiFi you can depend on.
  • Meet your coworkers at social and professional gatherings every week.
  • Slack chat room giving you an instant direct line to coworkers.
  • Email discussion list for announcements and longer discussions.
  • Keyfob and mobile app for self-serve access.
  • Free printing for your urgent and occasional prints.
  • Storage space so you can leave your equipment in the space.
  • Stationery supplies in case you urgently need to post something, stick something, laminate, staple...
  • Relax in a dedicated social space when you need time away from your screen.
  • Free tea, fresh coffee, fruit and ocassional treats to keep you energised.
  • Fridge space, microwave, toaster and hot/cold water filter to keep yourself nourished and hydrated.
  • Indoor bike parking so you can cycle your favorite bike to work.
  • Shower so you can go for a run when you need to.
  • Dog friendly for friendly, well behaved dogs.
  • Welcome a visitor to the the space at no extra cost.

No surprise "addons" or "extras". One, simple, predictable monthly Coworking membership. That's it.

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After joining The Skiff members report that they feel:


more productive


fewer distractions


less isolated

But it doesn't stop there.

  • 43% say The Skiff has increased the growth of their business.
  • 62% say The Skiff made solving business problems easier.
  • 77% say The Skiff has improved their work/life balance.
  • 91% say being a member of The Skiff helped them feel part of a community.

95% say The Skiff makes working independently in Brighton more comfortable, more sustainable and more productive.

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