Every three months, on a Saturday and/or Sunday.


Every few months we like to spend a day at The Skiff making the space cleaner, tidier and generally more awesome.

Dugnad (as you Lilyhammer fans may know) is a Norwegian term for voluntary work done together with other people. It makes bigger jobs that need doing for the benefit of the community much easier.

Please can you help by doing one or more of the following:

1) Making sure everything you own in the space is tidy and labelled. If you have a full-time desk everything of yours should be either on the desk or under it in boxes, and please return library books and laptop stands for coworker use to their proper places. We’ll be doing a massive purge in the kitchen and fridges, so please label or take home anything you want to keep. Anything out of place after 6pm on the Friday before the dugnad is likely to find its way to the dump.

2) Help us prioritise the work that needs doing by sharing ideas and upvoting here, or sticking a PostIt on the whiteboard in the Mess Square.

3) Joining us for all or part of the day from 9am (we'll bring some breakfast to share) so we can get more done.

In the evening we’ll enjoy a nice meal together (courtesy of The Skiff) to celebrate whatever we achieve.

Please let us know if you can join us so that we can plan what we’ll be able to do and get plenty of refreshments to keep us going though the day.

The to-do list can be found on Trello.