Can’t face a winter of working from home every day?

An open letter from Skiffmates:

October 2020

Dear Working From Home in Brighton,

It looks like you’re going to be spending another six months working from home. If you’re lucky you had a chance to meet up with a few colleagues in September. Who knew how much we’d miss small talk and all those tiny interactions that make you feel human!

With winter closing in on us we’ll all have fewer opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. The monotony of working from home is only going to get worse. And the loneliness of only seeing colleagues via video call has really started to hurt.

We’re lucky to have a safe space in central Brighton that we can work from when we really need to. We’d like to tell you a little about why it feels like the safest place for us to be indoors but away from our homes.

The Skiff coworking space has been Covid secure since June, providing limited access to over 100 members like us who stayed on as supporters through the lockdown. We love how productive we are able to be when we’re there. It has all the safety features you’d expect along with a regularly reviewed risk assessment and Covid policy. It also has all the coworking essentials The Skiff’s been refining since it opened over a decade ago.

A few things make The Skiff feel safer to us than anywhere else we’ve been outside of our own homes:

  • Limiting total users of the space each day: With less than half the people in the space compared to pre-pandemic levels each of us can stay well over 3 metres apart.
  • No public or non-member access: Because we all know each other and it’s a professional environment everyone is far more conscientious than anywhere we’ve been recently. And it provides a really easy to use track and trace mechanism as The Skiff has all member's details already.
  • Modern fresh air ventilation and filtration system: It never feels stuffy and that undoubtedly reduces the chance of infection.

All that and the lovely to be around people make it something we look forward to every week.

Is this the kind of environment you’d like to work in? Almost half of members are now back in the habit of regularly using The Skiff as an occasional escape from working from home. We’re starting to open up to a limited number of new members in October.

If you’d like to be one of them please join the waiting list. Jon, one of the founders of The Skiff, will then be in touch to answer any questions you have.


  1. Paul Silver, Freelance Web Developer Web | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook
  2. Hazlitt Eastman, Freelance Web Developer Web | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook
  3. Thomas Parslow, Founder, Buzzshot Web | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook
  4. Anna Whitcher, Owner, ELT ImageMakers Web | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook
  5. Matt Oakes, Freelance Mobile App Developer Web | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook
  6. Ben Edwards, Freelance Web Developer Web | Twitter
  7. Bill Parslow, Writer Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook
  8. Rich Green, Founder, Umbrella Web | Twitter | LinkedIn
  9. Sky Apperley, Freelance iOS Developer Web | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook
  10. Tom Buck, Freelance Web Developer Web | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook
  11. Lucy Britner, Freelance Drinks Journalist
  12. Mark Willett, Remote Worker
  13. Mark Cooper, Remote Worker
  14. Chris Chilton Remote Worker
  15. Dave Nicol, Founder, VetX International
  16. Cath Lloyd, Freelance Animator
  17. Stuart Wallace, Freelance App Designer & Developer
  18. Dan Young, Director, Shed Research Consulting
  19. James Turner, Director, Esparter
  20. Dave Gurnell, Founder, Cartographer
  21. Simon Peters, Founder, Peters Associates
  22. Lizzie Davey, Freelance SaaS Writer
  23. Conrad Brunner, Director, St Ann’s Tennis
  24. James Endersby, Wordpress Web developer
  25. Megan Sayers, Freelance Designer
  26. Stefan van der Meij, Product Manager, Mitac Digital Technology Corporation
  27. Chris Hollands, Founder & Designer, Loopmill
  28. Julian Blundell, Freelance Web Developer
  29. Vanja Przulj, Founder, arthaus
  30. Andy Forrester, Director, HypeAccelerator Solutions
  31. Michael Rogers. Freelance Software Developer

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